Year: 2019

How to see the ‘http’ and ‘https again

Chrome 76 arrived a few days ago, by the hand of the default flash lock, simple installation of PWA and dark mode on websites, among others. Despite these benefits, Google has decided to remove the ‘http’ and ‘https’ from the address bar, with a view to making the design of the addresses themselves more minimalist. […]

How to export and import passwords in Mozilla Firefox

Applications, websites, subscription services and the immense list of proposals that require a password to access, make it difficult to remember our credentials for each and every one of them. Password managers are one of the most practical solutions, but we can also have control over them through the browser. When we want to move […]

How to upload photos automatically to Dropbox

Dropbox is a service that hardly needs presentation. Cloud storage, available for both mobile platforms and our PC. Similarly, like iCloud, Google Photos or OneDrive, it allows automatic uploads of photographs taken with the smartphone, so that you can have both photos on these platforms, without the need to upload manually. Thus, it is necessary […]

How to turn Telegram into a simple and effective application

The surprise that Telegram causes us with each of its updates is becoming a pleasant tradition. It seems that practically everything is done in terms of instant messaging applications, but the great rival of WhatsApp is determined to oppose us. And less bad! The latest update of this service, Telegram 5.11, available since Friday for […]

How to prevent electoral propaganda

On November 10, Spanish voters will vote for the fourth time in four years in a general election. After the negotiations for the investiture between PSOE and United Podemos failed, Spain is heading once more towards an electoral campaign with its consequent propaganda. Before the repetition of the elections there are many Spaniards who have […]