Amit Shah should resign for ‘failing’ to control Delhi riots

Amit Shah should resign for 'failing' to control Delhi riots

TMC MP Saugata Roy said on Wednesday that Home Minister Amit Shah should resign for “failing” to control the riots in Delhi and demanded a judicial inquiry by a Supreme Court judge.

Participating in the Lok Sabha to discuss the violence in Delhi, Roy said that the riots in Delhi took place 72 years after the assassination of a Hindu fundamentalist by Mahatma Gandhi.

“Gandhiji has been murdered again in Delhi, you know that,” Roy said addressing the Chair.

Raising BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi for her disputed remarks defending BJP leaders, who claimed she incited violence, Roy said that she had rarely heard such a communal speech.

Describing the BJP MP as a “Devils Advocate”, Roy said, “He spent five minutes defending the man he hates the most. Can I (William) quote Shakespeare and call him a devil’s advocate?” Can I? … He is the best devil’s advocate. He is possible. ” There has also been a lawyer for the Delhi Police who has shown total inaction and disqualification throughout this riot in Delhi. ”

Roy then trained his gun to Shah, who was present at the house, while the TMC MP was speaking.

He said that when the riots started on February 24, Home Minister Shah was sitting in the front row welcoming US President Donald Trump at the Motera Stadium (in Gujarat).

“When Mr. Shah was supposed to be in the Delhi Police Control Room, he was welcoming Mr. Trump to Motera. The police had none. Then on the 25th, things spiraled out of control. Armed crowds with each other. Fought on the streets of Delhi., “Roy said.

Seeking Shah’s resignation, Roy questioned the NSA Ajit Doval’s visit to the riot-hit areas on 26 February and asked what the Home Minister was doing.

“Is it the business of the NSA, which regulates the state of common law and order? Why was the Home Minister absent in action? There is no explanation for the same,” he said.

The TMC leader said that he felt bad face to face with Shah.

“He is still young, he has a good future. He must accept responsibility for his failure to control or prevent the Delhi riots and bring peace in three days. In the name of God, hold the post of Home Minister No more. ” Roy said, he is the person who cannot stop the riots in Delhi, 10 km from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Roy demanded a judicial inquiry into the riots by a Supreme Court judge and full rehabilitation for all riot victims.


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