Great iPad Apps for Highlighting PDFs

Great iPad Apps for Highlighting PDFs

There is a difference between reading to get information and reading to really understand. If you are struggling to go beyond the surface level, annotations are a great way to develop in-depth reading comprehension.

When you annotate, your brain starts developing a contextual relationship with the content. Comments, links to web pages and related documents are included in it. Later, you start connecting the missing dots and develop a better idea outline.

As it turns out, your iPad is an ideal tool for reading and annotating documents. We will show you some of the best iPad apps that highlight and review PDFs, ebooks and web pages.

1. Goodreader

GoodReader is a comprehensive file manager that lets you access, manage, organize and read documents. If you frequently deal with PDFs, this app is essential to your toolkit. It gives you multiple reading options, renders PDF beautifully, and has a built-in editing and annotation tool.

Annotated PDF with GoodReader
To highlight a PDF with this application, long-press the text to select at the end of a sentence or paragraph. From the popup menu that appears, choose Highlight. Tap again to change the highlight color, copy the text, or remove it altogether. If you want to add a note, select the text again and choose Comment.

You’ll also find many more text options: typewriter tool in the page margin, underline, add notes with strike-out text, and call sections with lines, arrows, shapes, and freehand drawing with Apple Pencil. If you’re new to this, follow our guide on using Apple Pencil with your iPad.

howto-apple pen
How to use Apple Pencil with iPad or iPad Pro
How can you tell when an Apple Pencil is charged? We answer this question and give more information on how to use Apple Pencil.

The location feature provides you with a popup view of document bookmarks, outlines, and annotations. Tap the Email button to export the annotation summary to your note-taking app. The Settings button lets you customize whatever you want to include / exclude in the summary.

What GoodReader offers
Page management has the facility to review skim and PDF. In editing mode, you can add a blank page for notes, and rearrange the pages.
Various gestures while annotating the PDF. The side menu option activates special markup mode to quickly annotate PDFs.
View the same or different documents simultaneously in split-screen mode. It helps you to interpret and review notes in the context of other chapters.
Sync the annotated files with your Mac to the Skim app for further review and organize with tags.
Download: GoodReader ($ 5.99, subscription available)

2. Liquidtech
Liquidtext to interpret and review documents for iPad

A reader and a file manager to organize documents: Traditional workflows involve using several tools. Plus a note-taking app to underline your thoughts. There is a lot to keep an eye on.

LiquidText is a PDF viewer designed for non-linear reading. It streamlines the entire process of active reading, from annotations, extracting highlights, taking notes, connecting notes with documents, and making connections.

How Liquidtext works
Start by importing a document from a file application or a built-in web browser. On opening the document, you will see the document navigation panel on the right, the viewer and a workspace in between. This field is the area where you can place excerpts, notes and pictures.

Highlight a sentence and tap on AutoExcerpt, then LiquidText will pull a portion of your workspace. Tap the excerpt and choose a comment from the popup menu to add a note. When you start creating a collection, you can move the annotations anywhere in the workspace or drag them into groups.

You can pinch or shrink content to compare different sections. And if you repeat the above process in several documents, you can start making connections. Finally, tap on the share button to share your annotation as a DOCX file.

Unique features of liquidtext
Compare and visualize excerpts and notes in a whiteboard. You can quickly create a mind map using gestures and Apple Pencil.
Keep three documents for active reading at the same time. It is possible to replace them with other materials.
The highlight view feature lets you knead the highlighted text while folding the rest of the section. It is helpful to see all the annotations at a glance.
Download: LiquidText (free, premium version available)

3. Margin
Read, organize, and study with margin for iPad

Margin is a PDF and EPUB viewer that helps you learn and digest your books better. You can organize and connect knowledge from various aspects into Mindmap.


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