How to activate the new FPS counter in the Windows 10 game bar

How to activate the new FPS counter

The new game bar in Windows 10 has been receiving constant updates and improvements since it landed with the May 2019 Update, and although among its many widgets there were already some that offer us monitors of the performance of our team at the level of CPU, GPU and RAM , so far we did not have an SPF meter.

And is that the frame rate is one of the things that matter most to many when it comes to playing video games on PC, and until now in Windows it was necessary to install third-party tools to be able to measure them while we played. No more, with the integrated bar it is easier than ever, although with some nuances.

Update the game bar

While the update should arrive automatically in the next few days, or it should already be on your list of apps with updates if you enter the Microsoft Store, you can also force it manually using the link to the store with the latest version.

Once your game bar is updated you should be able to check immediately if you already have your FPS counter available.

If you do not have any games open, no information will be shown, and the other possibility is that a script appears and the meter does not show anything even when you play. As happened to this server. Here is the solution:

How to fix that the Windows 

If in your game bar you see a message like in the image above, that is, you are informed that you need extended access to the User Account Control.

This will open a pop-up window asking if you want to grant permission to Xbox Game Bar, just say yes and go back to the game bar to see if the message disappeared. If SPFs are now shown, you are in luck and this is all you have to do, if the problem persists, you must do a couple more things:

Once in that window select Users and local groups, and then select Groups.

In the list of names on the right look for the item called Performance log users and double click on it. In the Properties window that appears, click Add … and the next step is to add the Administrator account and your own user account into the object names box. As seen in the image.

First type “Administrator” and press OK. Then add another user and type the email address of your Microsoft account that you use to log in to Windows 10.

Restart for changes to take effect. 

eduroam (Education Roaming) is a service to facilitate the internet connection in a secure way, mainly in view of student mobility. Through this initiative, both students, researchers or faculty can enjoy connectivity on their own campus, as well as on the rest of adhered campuses.

In the case of Spain, eduroam ES is part of the RedIRIS project, a Spanish academic and research network, responsible for providing communication services to the scientific and university community. The connection to eduroam requires knowing some information and precisely about this we are going to talk to you today.

The connection to eduroam

As we anticipated, eduroam is an initiative that aims to facilitate secure connections, regardless of the adhered institution in which we are. Specifically, eduroam works in Spain, but also in the United States, Canada and Asia and the Pacific.

As they explain in the service definition document, and as you could prove server in your student time, the authorization to connect to eduroam is given by the network to which we are connecting, being necessary configurations and specific credentials, according to the institution.

For example, to connect to eduroam from Windows at the UGR (University of Granada), it is necessary to download an installer, and enter our email and credentials given by the university itself. In the case of the University of Seville, we have to configure by hand the SSID, authentication method, user identity and others, in addition to entering the password associated with our university user.

Luckily, from eduroam they provide a list with the institutions and centers participating in Eduroam Spain, so it is enough to look in this list for the center from which we want to connect, and follow the steps indicated to connect.


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