How to delete your Fitbit data from your PC

How to delete your Fitbit data from your PC

Four days ago the news became official. Google bought Fitbit for 2,100 million dollars, to boost its own division of smartwatches with WearOS, and try to reach the market with a response to current proposals. The immediate consequence of this, apart from the pure smartwatch theme, has to do with privacy and treatment. of the data by Google.

In a statement Google clarified that they would not sell personal information, but we know in good ink that more than one user will prefer to prevent to cure. Therefore, we will explain how to download and delete data from Fitbit servers.

If we want to download our Fitbit files, we must do it from its official page, in the configuration section. There we will find the option to export the data in a CSV or Microsoft Excel file.

When downloading Fitbit data, we can select the period, content and format

We can, likewise, select whether we want these data to be relative to the last week, current month, last month, etc., as well as the data we want to be exported (body, food, activities, sleep). Once we have downloaded our data, if we want them as a backup, we can proceed to delete them completely.

Deleting Fitbit data goes through a more radical solution, deleting our account completely. From the page itself they indicate that, if we delete our account, the data of the same will be deleted after a period of seven days.

If this is what we want, we only have to click on the option of ‘Delete account’. We will be asked for our password, to send a confirmation email about whether we really want to delete our Fitbit account. Once we have received the mail, we will see the instructions to delete the account, which pass by giving a colorful button “delete account” within the same mail.

First 7 days: if you change your mind after confirming the request to delete the account, you have 7 days to recover it; Sign in to your account to restore access to your Fitbit data.

After 7 days: the account is locked and cannot be recovered.

Between the next 30 and 90 days: most personal account information is deleted within 30 days of confirming the removal request.

This includes all the subscriptions you have, such as Fitbit Coach. It may take up to 90 days until all your personal information, such as data collected by the Fitbit device and other data stored on our backup systems, is deleted. This is due to the size and complexity of the systems we use to store the data.

The point of “most account information is deleted” is not very reassuring, so we have contacted Fitbit to find out what information is not deleted, and the reasons for this happening.

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