How to enter directly on Facebook

How to enter directly on Facebook

For a while now, Facebook has been offering an option for us to save our login information in a browser so that we do not have to enter the data anymore, at least in that same browser.

That is, by activating this feature you can enter Facebook directly without entering the password or username more than the first time, you will not even have to go back through the login page.

It is quite simple to activate, if Facebook has not offered you the option on your wall so far, we will explain how to access it manually from the Settings, and if you have already activated it and would like to stop remembering the password for some reason, We explain how to deactivate it.

How to save login information on Facebook

Click on the Facebook menu button (the triangle that looks down on the right side of the blue bar) and select Settings. Once on the Facebook settings page click on Security and login.

From there you can see a list of all the devices and browsers you have signed in with your Facebook account, and below you will see an option called “Save login information”. If you click on Edit you can not only save your current browser information to avoid having to enter the password again, or to eliminate this type of access from other browsers.

With this option activated you will no longer have to re-enter the account password, and in fact, when you enter Facebook again, even after a long time or delete browsing data, you will instead see your profile picture, by clicking in it you log in automatically.

You can do this with as many accounts as you want to just have to click on your photo to log in to Facebook. Now, if you have activated this automatic login by mistake, or on a third-party computer, it is good to know that from this section of the settings you can revoke the automatic login immediately.

This function is completely independent of the credentials that the browser stores on its own, you can have your user data stored with the browser’s password manager, but if you do not activate this function you will still have to enter them or let the browser do so automatic Also, if you delete the credentials of the browser, but do not deactivate the automatic access of Facebook, you can continue (you or anyone) by logging in just by clicking on your photo.

Instagram stories have become in recent years one of its most used and loved by users. Although they are considered by many as a total copy of Snapchat, they lack the same infinite number of striking filters that the other social network has, hence there are those who choose to use Snapchat as an effects gallery to bring them to their stories on Instagram.

But Instagram has many more filters and effects than it seems. Although when we use the camera we have a limited list of filters provided by Instagram, there is a whole gallery of third-party effects at our fingertips that may have gone unnoticed by you.

How to add more effects to your camera on Instagram

To find more effects on Instagram, all you have to do is tap on the name of any effect in a story, it can be yours or someone you follow. Once you do this, Instagram will show you a bottom panel with several options:

The first gives you the option to test the filter with your camera in real time, you can even publish a story directly with that effect immediately. The second one lets you save that effect on the camera if you don’t already have it, that is, it will appear on the bottom reel when you take a photo or record video.

Finally, if you touch the “More” button you will see a pop-up panel with four options. The ones that matter to us are “Explore effects” and “See more account effects”.

This is organized by different categories and they show you a small preview of how the effect looks. From there you can try any of those filters live, or add them to your camera. There are many.

The other option is “See more account effects” and that simply takes you to the effects gallery of the same creator. Users who create effects for Instagram have an additional icon in their profiles that shows all the filters they have created.

You will always have two buttons: one to test the filter and another to store it in your reel of effects. You will learn that in those galleries there are lots of fun effects and very different from the basic ones that Instagram always puts on you.


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