How to prevent electoral propaganda

On November 10, Spanish voters will vote for the fourth time in four years in a general election. After the negotiations for the investiture between PSOE and United Podemos failed, Spain is heading once more towards an electoral campaign with its consequent propaganda.

Before the repetition of the elections there are many Spaniards who have requested not to receive electoral propaganda. Specifically, and at the moment, 112,000. Good because it is intended to save part of the cost to the public treasury, or because they simply do not want to see it appear in their mailbox once again.

For whatever reason, the application is a fairly simple procedure that we can carry out – thanks to a modification of the Electoral Law approved in December 2018 – through the website of the National Statistics Institute. The request involves asking the administration that our names be removed from the census that is provided to the political parties to send their propaganda.

Step by step to avoid electoral propaganda in our mailboxes

The first thing to keep in mind is that the exclusion request can be made both through our mobile phone and from our computer, since we will only need access to the INE portal. However, due to the characteristics of the site, it is remarkably more convenient to carry out our request from a laptop or desktop computer.

It should also be noted that this process is reversible. If we change our mind, we can avoid the exclusion by requesting the inclusion in the copies of the electoral roll that are given to the candidates to send electoral propaganda through the same form. For the request, we will need an electronic certificate or be in the Cl @ ve PIN system.

We access the INE web form and select the option to access with digital certificate or with Cl @ ave system.

1. After carrying out the identification, the government portal will show us our main personal data along with our current situation in the census that is delivered to the parties (if we will be included in it), a text that will say “Request for EXCLUSION of the copies of political parties “and a button to send the request, which we will press to continue with the process.

2. Once pressed, we will be excluded from electoral propaganda. The request will have been sent and the electronic headquarters of the INE will confirm this, allowing us to obtain a proof of our request.

3. Applications may be submitted until October 7. This is so, at least predictably, because there is a period of 13 days after the publication of the call for elections in the Official State Gazette, which is scheduled for September 24.

Now that Steam has more competition than ever, especially with the arrival of the Epic Game Store and its exclusives, the people of Valve seem to be putting more effort into improving and renewing their platform.

Recently it was the chat application, which has been significantly evolving so as not to be left behind in the era of Discord, and now the one that is renewed is the Library, although for now the new aspect is only available in beta, so we tell you How to try the new Steam now.

To test the new design and features of the Steam library you have to join the beta, you can do it directly from this link, which will open the parameters window of your Steam client. Needless to say, it is necessary that you have Steam installed on your computer first.

Participate in the Steam beta

From the Steam Client Parameters section you must change the Beta Participation status by clicking on the button that appears just below, there you must select Steam Beta Update.

Once you do this you should simply restart the application when prompted and upon returning you will see your new and renovated Library. It is important that you know that it is only the library that has a new design, the rest of the sections remain the same.

Among the new developments are the new collections, these are groups of games that you can create yourself with the games you choose, you just have to give it a name and start dragging games.

Another great thing about collections is that you can create them static or dynamic, the latter will update intelligently as your Steam library grows. In addition, these collections can be added to the home page of your library as Custom Shelves.

And it is that the new main page not only shows your games without more, but at the beginning you will see news about the games in your collection, a list of recent games so you can continue where you left off, and below your complete collection of games.


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