How to Samsung Galaxy S30 release date price news and leaks

How to Samsung Galaxy S30 release date price news and leaks

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is the most influential and impressive smartphone yet, but we really dream about what Samsung will cook for the Galaxy S30 series.

Well we are about to see – the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has been launched today, and it will show us the vision of Samsung which is an “excellent” phone right now. The phone can be an indication of what the Galaxy S30 might be.

If you want to see the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 20, click here, but you’ll probably have to follow up with the live blog Note 20, which can be found here.

Samsung Galaxy S30 devices are one of the most exciting phones in 2021, so noise is already increasing, so we hear our first rumors as well.

You’ll find the information below, and we’ll add new information to this article anytime, so if you want to stay informed, check back regularly.

You will also find our wish list for Samsung Galaxy S30 below – these are the things that we want a lot from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S phone, to make it as good as possible.

Samsung Galaxy S30 Release Date and Price

Samsung always reveals the new Galaxy S model at the beginning of the year, and in recent years, it was announced in February, then sold out in March, so it is very likely that it will be in the Samsung Galaxy S30 range Will do the same with

We could not be more specific than this, but the company has recently avoided MWC (a trade show to be held in late February) and launched its phones in the month, so it is likely in 2021.

How much the Samsung Galaxy S30 costs is likely that the phones are the least expensive compared to the Galaxy S20 range, which means the base model’s starting price is at least $ 999 / £ 899 / AU $ 1,499, Which is likely Samsung. It costs more than the Galaxy S30 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S30 leaks and news

At the time of writing this report, we have not heard many rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S30, but one thing we have heard is the claim that the phone may have a camera on the screen, even if Samsung is evaluating the feasibility, so It seems that technology may not be ready.

We have also heard that Samsung is working on a 150 MP camera for smartphones that can combine nine pixels and 16 MP shots into an image that can consume a lot of light.

However, we take this claim with a serious side of salt – it’s too early for the S30 rumors, the source doesn’t have a proven track record, and even if Samsung is working on that camera, So it does not guarantee that we will see the Galaxy S30 range.

That being said, the 150-megapixel main Snap claim has surfaced since then, with another source featuring 64-megapixel, 16-megapixel telephoto telephoto, and 12-megapixel macro for five sensors overall, and There is a depth sensor. While this is accurate, it is likely that the Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra will have these specifications.

Elsewhere, Samsung has a patent (below) that expands the smartphone’s camera design with six rear camera sensors. It would consist of five of them with a wide angle and one close, and each lens would be individually comparable, so that it could point in different directions.

There will be many possible applications, ranging from adding Bokeh effects to panoramic images, to improve low-light shots and HDR. However, the patent was not specifically associated with the Galaxy S30, so we would not trust to see this design.

compared to the Snapdragon 865 – most at the time of writing. Nice Android Chipset. American buyers will likely get the Snapdragon 875 instead, which is sure to be equally fast.

There is little news about the development of the Galaxy S30 that Samsung is rumored to turn screen technology suppliers into a company called BOE. Recent reports indicate that this is no longer the case, and the screen technology will likely remain similar to the Galaxy S20 as Samsung continues to build its screens for its phones.

We’ve heard that Samsung is in an internal discussion about whether it can turn off charging cables with some of its 2021 smartphones in an effort to reduce electronic waste (since most people already have charging cables).

The Samsung Galaxy S30 could definitely be one of those phones. Previous Galaxy phones have charging cables that do not match the charging speed of the actual device, so many people are already purchasing separate cables, and the device may also be completely without a port. We’ll definitely have to wait to see.

What we want to see

We don’t know much about the Samsung Galaxy S30 yet, but we know what we want from it, placing the following items at the top of our list.

1. The Most Reasonable Price

Nothing has been said about how expensive the Samsung Galaxy S20 range is. Even the base model will take you far behind, with prices soaring over the past year, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra almost creating a new class of quality phones.

The situation does not help with the lack of the Samsung Galaxy S20e or the Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite – though one of them is likely to arrive at some point.

However, we would like to see a lower price for the 2021 or Samsung Galaxy S30 Lite models along with the rest of the range. Or better yet, both.


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