The surprise that Telegram causes us with each of its updates is becoming a pleasant tradition. It seems that practically everything is done in terms of instant messaging applications, but the great rival of WhatsApp is determined to oppose us. And less bad!

The latest update of this service, Telegram 5.11, available since Friday for both Android devices and iOS devices, brings as a great new feature star the scheduled messages. A function that can bring us many joys as we will see.

Reminders and notes with Telegram

Telegram, since creating the saved messages, that kind of conversation with ourselves in which to dump anything, had become for many an effective application of notes. And is not for less.

It was enough to write anything in that conversation, forward a message or upload a file so that it would be saved and accessible from mobile applications, desktop applications or the web. Thanks to its search engine, which even allows us to narrow the search by dates, everything is easier.

Now, with the function of programmed messages, climb a ladder: the reminders come into play. And in an extremely simple way.

Basically, to set up a reminder in Telegram, we must proceed in the same way as to schedule the sending of a message to a contact.

This is writing the desired text in the corresponding space, press the send button for a few seconds and, in the menu that will appear, select the option Set reminder. It will be then when we will be shown, as we can see in the images that accompany these lines, some selectors in which to define the date and time in programming the reminder.

All the reminders that we define can be found in the homonymous section, which will be accessible – provided there is a scheduled warning – through a calendar icon that we will see in the text box where we write the messages. If we change our mind and wish to cancel a reminder, simply access this section and delete it, although we can also edit it, reschedule it, copy it or send it at the same time.

Bittorrent is undoubtedly one of the best applications to download torrents, in fact, it is the favorite of several of our colleagues. However, many of those who use it or have ever used it, are not so familiar with an excellent function that integrates the client: the search.

Because qBittorrent supports several add-ons, it is possible to activate different search plugins in it. However, although qBittorrent includes the “Search Engine” option in its menu, it is not active or configured by default, but enabling it is extremely easy and useful.

How to activate the qBittorrent search engine

Bittorrent is available for Windows, Linux and macOS, and the search can be activated from whatever system you use. You just have to download the application from its official website and run it.

Once you do that you will see a pop-up window that will ask you to install Python in order to use the search engine.

Accept and wait for the installation to finish. Obviously, if you already had Python installed on your computer, this step will not be necessary. Once the Python installation is complete you will see a new tab in the qBittorent interface:

Now, even if you already have a search engine, you will need search plugins to use it. To do this, click on your new “Search” tab and then click on the button below and on the right that says “Search plugins.

When you do this you will see a pop-up window that shows your search plugins. Initially this list will be empty. To populate it you just have to click on the “Check for updates” button.

You will immediately see how the list is filled with different torrent trackers that you can use from now on to search for content. You just have to click on Accept and you are done.

Now when you want to search for a torrent, although you can use some of the best websites that are still available, it is much easier to use qBittorrent’s own integrated engine, just remember to update it from time to time to keep your plugins working correctly.

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