Tricks to customize Google Chrome as you want

Tricks to customize Google Chrome

Sharing the computer can be common, so if you are the owner of it, you should know how to manage the different accounts that we have in it to know at all times who has access to your documents and files and who does not.

Therefore, we show you how you can create a guest account in Windows 10, both through the system settings and the terminal itself, as well as the possible utilities that it can have.

Creating the guest account in one step

While we can create a guest account from the Windows 10 settings themselves, the fastest way to do this is through the terminal, since with a single command we can perform the entire process. Once the terminal is open (important to be done under administrator permissions), we have only to enter the following command.

Ready. Once we have entered the command, if we have administrator permissions, we will see that the user account has been activated. To reverse the process we only have to change the ‘yes’ of the command to a ‘no’, which will deactivate the account we have created. However, if we want to create this account manually and, for example, assign it a password, we can do so from the Windows 10 settings.

First, we have to go to the ‘Accounts’ section, in which we will click. Once we enter this menu, click on ‘Family and other people’. Once here, click on ‘Add another person to this team’, and follow the steps indicated by the assistant. Once the process is finished, we will have both user accounts.

How useful is this? Basically, that the people who are going to use our computer cannot make modifications to it, since they are not administrators they will not be able to install anything or modify anything without our permission and, on the other hand, have a separate space without access to our folders and personal programs.

If you use the Google browser like most web users and you get bored when their applications look exactly the same for years, this article is for you. Chrome by itself offers several customization options that we can use to adjust the browser more to our liking, or simply refresh your appearance a bit.

Some of those options are still experimental, such as the new Chrome theme creator, but we can activate them if we know how, and others range from simply changing the theme to one of the Chrome Web Store, to installing third-party add-ons to go a little more there.

Create your own custom Chrome theme

In the current stable version of the browser, Chrome 77, it is possible to activate the new customization options from the experimental functions menu. You just have to type chrome: // flags in the address bar and press Enter.

Now you should look for three experimental functions from the drawer that appears on the page. You have to enable the following:

NTP ustomization menu version 2
Chrome Colors menu
Custom color picker for Chrome Colors menu

Simply type that in the search engine and next to each result change the selector from “Default” to “Enable”. When you have enabled all three features, restart Chrome.

Once this is done you can access the new Chrome personalization menu. This appears in the lower right corner of the new tab page (as long as you don’t have an extension that replaces it active):

Click on the Customize button and you will see a pop-up menu with three options in the right column. The first one lets you choose the background of the browser. From there you have several categories such as Art, Landscapes, Flat colors and more.

Within each category there are a few quite pretty different images. You can also choose to upload your own background image, or leave it empty as Chrome is by default.

In the next section you choose the combination of buttons that appear on the new tab page. There you can choose whether to see the sites you visit most, your favorites, or simply not show anything. A) Yes:

In the last section you choose the color scheme, and here you have enough freedom. While Chrome offers you a wide selection of combinations, you can also click on the dropper icon on the left to choose the hexadecimal color you want to use.

They are two colors that you must choose, one for the tab bar and the other for the rest of the browser body. You can combine as you want, although the default options palette is quite wide and beautiful.

If you prefer to use a theme created by someone else instead of making your own, you can always go to the Google Chrome extension store, there you can find for example, the collection created by Google itself.


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